The ELLIS ISLAND COOK BOOK  written by Tom Bernardin is a loving tribute to our immigrant ancestors that is of interest to historians and cooks and to all whose families came through the "golden doors" at Ellis Island.     In giving tours of Ellis and talking with the immigrants,  Tom Bernardin became aware of how important food was to their experience, not on a nutritional level, but as a means of bringing with them and preserving this part of their earlier lives.  " Soon they would shed their old clothes, learn to speak some English and reluctantly, or not, become Americanized.  but their love for their foods from the old country was something they could not and thankfully did not give up.  The rich smells from their kitchens surely brought a deep nostalgia for people and places they had left behind"  This is a one of a kind  collection of heartwarming stories and authentic recipes that recall special memories of far away lands or of dearly loved relatives.  It is much more than a recipe compilation, but a personal journey with stories and reminiscences that will make this book your most valuable collection. Available from St. Mary's Genealogy Center, 211 East Mesa Ave., Pueblo, CO. 81006 for $20 plus postage.

 THE LEGEND OF SAINT NICHOLAS is an entertaining story in verse about the Saint who was a Bishop in Myra, Turkey in the year 300 A.D. This story is educational and brings to life the spirit of giving and sharing. While numerous parallels are drawn between St. Nicholas and the famous Santa Claus legend, the author informs her readers that the Santa Claus story is the product of many different cultures. Still, this entertaining book will warm the hearts of both children and adults as they gather together to celebrate the holiday season.

The book is dedicated to all those who enjoy the element of surprise gift-giving advocated by     St. Nicholas and all his counterparts throughout the years. Written by Bernice Krasovec and introducing "God's Little People" created by Mary Jane Krasovec-Davies and illustrated by Karyn Goodendorf. Cost of book $5.95 plus $2.05 shipping and handling from The Children's Pictorial Legends,  P.O. Box 1888, Pueblo, CO 81002-1888. Book will be shipped immediately upon receipt of order. If autograph by author with special message is requested for gift-giving - include with order at no extra charge.

Jim Pugel and Other Slovenian Pioneers of Pueblo Colorado  written by Matjaz Klemencic  and Karl Pugelj.  
   This book presents the life story of the Slovene immigrant Jim (Ignaz) Pugel, who in 1904 immigrated to Pueblo Colorado from the village Raplijevo near Struge.  At the same time it  also presents  a survey of the history of the Slovenian  immigrant community of Pueblo as well as the life stories of selected important members of the Slovenian immigrant community in Pueblo.  Available from THE BOOKERY,  129 East Abriendo Ave  Pueblo, CO 81004 for $18  Much of the information was researched through  courtesy of the St Mary Genealogy Center..

SLOVENIAN HERITAGE COOK BOOK cookbook was created as a remembrance of the first Harvest Soup Festival and the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of St. Mary Church in Pueblo, Colorado.  Some of the recipes were created in the kitchens of our grandmothers and have evolved throughout a hundred years with just a few minor changes.   The book contains sections on Soup recipes, Slovenian Ethnic Food, Special helps and cooking tips. We all remember the movie A Fiddler on the Roof in which Reb Tevye introduces the audience in the opening scene to his village and tells about the customs and reasons behind them. His explanation is stated in one word, "TRADITION". This is what we have tried to hold on to...but some of the traditions have been lost, while others evolved from the old way to new ways. One thing remains, no matter what, traditions should be upheld and carried on from generation to generation. Most of the Slovenian tradition center around holidays and some of them are brought out in the section entitled "Traditions".

The cook book may be purchased for $10 plus $2 postage and handling from St. Mary Slovenian Library, 211 East Mesa Ave., Pueblo, CO 81006.           For other information contact

The Forget Me Not Children's books that have become popular and are featured in the ZARJA magazine and are carried by the Slovenian Women's Union of America are now available at the Gornick Slovenian Library at 211 East Mesa Ave., Pueblo, CO 81006.  They are bilingual in English and Slovenian.  One side is in English and when turning the book over, the other side is written in Slovenian.  They are elementary school level, but because of the translation, parents feel that they can be usable at any level.  They may be checked out at the library with a deposit. For information concerning purchase, contact  or the  Slovenian Women's Union of America.

Books on Hand
  IN THE LAND OF THE GINGERBREAD (v dezeli meden jakov) by Jana Bauer
 THE GIANT HEN (kokos velikanka)  by Desa Muck
  EMIL RABBIT  (zajec emil)  by Tatjana Kokalj
  ANTONN'S CIRCUS    (antonov cirkus)  by  Peter Svetina and Damijan Stepancic
  LOUISA FROM OUTER SPACE (Lojza iz vesolja)   by Majda Koreb
  HOW OSCAR BECAME A DETECTIVE ) kako je Oskar postal detektiv) by Anton Rozman Roza

A LEGEND OF THE JACK-O-LANTERN is an entertaining story in verse about the origin of the Jack-O-Lantern.  As a Folk Tale or Legend, the author has interwoven the symbols of Halloween into an interesting story to inform the reader how we have come to put lights into a Pumpkin on Halloween night and      call it a Jack-O-Lantern.  Written by Bernice Krasovec and illustrated by daughter Bernadette Head, the cost of the book is  $5.95 plus $2.05 shipping and handling from The Children's Pictorial Legends, P.O. Box 1888, Pueblo, CO 81002-1888.  The book will be shipped immediately upon receipt of order.  If autograph by author with special message is requested, include it with  the order.   There is no extra charge



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